Influencer and affiliations

To be our micro influencer or affiliation, read below:

For further questions  Email:


(1)Go to our gown page   You can use code: AI1914 for 55% off any gown on our website.  We don't usually provide discounts of more than 40% off except for influencers. 
(2)Take picture with the gown you select.  Tag us on IG @atinacollection or send us your pictures
(3)We will post your photo on our IG and facebook page.  

(4)We will provide you a discount code you can share with anyone.  Any dress we sell coming from your dedicated discount code we will pay you back 20% of the sale price. 

Affiliation to Receive Payments

Email us and include: 

(1)Your IG
(2)Your Venmo or PayPal.  We will pay you via either Venmo or PayPal. 
(3)We will provide you a sales code to market. With any sale we receive coming from your code, you will be paid 20% of the purchase price.  For example, if someone purchases a USD250 dress from us through you, we will pay you USD50 (250x20%)

That's it!  We look forward to hearing back from you and much love from us.



Atina Collection